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[Special Series] How to become a long-awaited

The general team will be equipped with long snappers to give up the kick and shoot when the kick and shoot. When I abandoned the kick, the long-player generally gave the ball to the back of the back, and the shot was sent 8 yards to the cheap football jerseys usa.


Long-player is a player in the center of the center, cheap nfl jerseys for sale and its responsibilities are similar to & mdash; & mdash; kick.


When the ball is kicking, the long-term kick has a privilege, the defensive group prohibits collision. After opening the ball, the long-player should quickly change the role to become a sharp line, help block.


Long-opened player 2 tasks: kick, block. The kick is fine, it needs to be hone, there is no special skill. Blocking is also the most basic skill, and wholesale nfl jerseys there is also a rules, and the teammates around them will support, so as long as they practice basic skills.

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