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Welcome to MEHMED TRAINING PLATFORM: e-learning support materials

It’s a pleasure to present different support materials on Master’s in Mediterranean Environmental Change Management.

These resources should help us to understand, analyse and assess the major environmental challenges that are currently encountered by the Mediterranean Basin. In addition, they will help us to understand that environmental changes and problems can only be addressed through multidisciplinarity, transversality and interscalarity.

To meet the challenges of mitigation and adaptation to environmental change, it is necessary to know the mechanisms and instruments of analysis, diagnosis and management. Based on this triple objective, the following materials have been designed and developed.

We hope it will be a good learning tool and encourage you to participate in the forum. Welcome to our e-learning platform!


Main Objectives

  • To train good professionals to conceive of and enable a more sustainable and especially efficient model to address socio-economic and socio-environmental issues.
  • To provide training in different scientific approaches to the study of environmental change.
  • To apply them to the management of specific environmental changes at local and regional scales.
  • To identify adaptation processes and instruments for sustainable management based on the evaluation of adaptive strategies.

Secondary objectives

  • To acquire basic knowledge to analyse, diagnose and manage global environmental change.
  • To acquire basic knowledge to manage the reduction of impacts on society and the environment and facilitate social and environmental adaptations.
  • To acquire the expertise, skills and tools needed to solve the previously mentioned problems.