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To get the most out of your red light therapy classes you will need to have an understanding of light therapy dosing. Without understanding why you might be spending a sure period of time below the light and why you are a specific distance away from it, you will seemingly end up with ineffective remedy. To get an appropriate dose of red light therapy you need to first know the energy of the light you might be using.

If you simply need to use our calculator and will not be all in favour of all the technical information, you will want the following info:

1. The dose you want to use: ‘What is the ideal dose’

2. The ability density of your light: ‘How can I measure the energy of the light’.

Once you have this information, enter the main points into our calculator beneath and you will be able to find out exactly how lengthy you should be beneath your red light for in any given therapy session.

– Red Light Treatment Time Calculator

– How can I measure the strength of the sunshine?

– What is an effective power density?

– What do you mean by mild therapy dose?

– How do I calculate the light therapy dose?

– What is the best dose?

– How long should I use my purple gentle for?

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Red Light Treatment Time Calculator

How can I measure the energy of the light?

To measure the strength of your red gentle gadget you need a ‘Solar Power Meter’, in any other case referred to as a PAR meter.

A photo voltaic energy meter is used to measure the ability density of a light supply.

They’re usually handheld units. You purpose the sensor on the machine at the sunshine supply and it provides you a studying in W/m² or mW/cm².

The one we use when testing red mild gadgets, and we highly suggest is the Tenmars TM-206.

With a photo voltaic power meter and a ruler or tape measure you can measure the facility density at a selected distance.

We want the studying for mW/cm². In case your device displays W/m², merely divide the entire by 10 to get mW/cm².

I like to recommend you measure the power density at 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″ and 36″.

This will provide you with the data you want to provide you with an appropriate remedy plan.

Does a photo voltaic power meter measure all mild?

No. Typically they measure only wavelengths within the 400-1100nm vary.

Light wavelengths that falls exterior of this range (UVB for example) cannot be measured by this device.

A solar energy meter is right for measuring the ability density of crimson and close to-infrared gentle therapy gadget.

Heat lamps, reminiscent of the excellent Beurer IL50 can’t be examined with this technique as the wavelength of gentle emitted by this gadget are primarily exterior of the 400-1100nm range.

LED devices are often fantastic to test with this method as the sunshine usually falls inside +/- 20nm of the said wavelength.

Note: Steer clear of manufacturers who:

1. Won’t give you details of the ability density (the gadgets have probably not been examined or are just not highly effective sufficient to use for led face light treatment)

2. Only give particulars of the maximum power density (this is probably going at level clean range which is of no use for treatment and not indicative of real life efficiency)

What is a good power density?

It is vital to grasp:

– The additional away from a light source you go, the much less highly effective it is going to be.

– The further away from the light supply you are, the larger the area you possibly can deal with at once.

For these causes, it is important to get a gadget with a excessive power density at a minimum of 6 inches and ideally a decently excessive power output at 12-18 inches.

Larger, more highly effective devices will will let you obtain a better density over a bigger area.

Most medical research that we have checked out used a system with a power density of between 20 and 200 mW/cm².

You possibly can play round with our calculator above to find out how both distance and energy adjustments the period of time you might want to spend below the sunshine.

What do you mean by gentle therapy dose?

The dictionary definition of dose is as follows:


a amount of a drugs or drug taken or advisable to be taken at a selected time.

When we talk about dose, we’re taking about the quantity of light therapy you are exposing your self to.

How do I calculate the sunshine therapy dose?

The dose is calculated utilizing the method:

Dose = (Power Density x Time) x 0.001

Most research and literature use the identical standardized items and measurements when calculating the does. These are:

Dose: J/cm²

Power Density: mW/cm²

Time: Seconds

In the event you adopted the primary part of this article yow will discover out what the mW/cm2 of your machine is.

If you use a gadget that emits 25 mW/cm2 and you are underneath the light for 40 seconds, the dose you may have acquired is :

(25 power density x 40 seconds )x0.001 = 1J/cm²

Therefore, using a system that has a energy density of:

– 25 mW/cm2 for forty seconds give 1 J/cm²,

– 50 mW/cm2 for 20 seconds give 1 J/cm² and

– one hundred mW/cm2 for 10 seconds give 1 J/cm²

What’s the ideal dose?

Too little of a dose and the remedy can be ineffective and a waste of your time. Studies show that an excessive amount of of a dose can be a waste of time and ineffective.

The literature is split on the very best dose as many alternative research have used totally different doses, each giving completely different outcomes.

What we will be certain of is that the dose you want to aim for is somewhere between three J/cm² and 50 J/cm²

The dose that you need to goal for depends on the problem you want to deal with.

Broadly talking,

For skin issues and anti-aging advantages, you want a dose of someplace between 3-15 J/cm². Around 6 appears to be a great determine to aim for, providing proven benefits inside a reasonable treatment time.

Around 30 appears to be a good determine to goal for, providing confirmed advantages within a reasonable remedy time.

How have we come up with this figure?

We checked out numerous medical studies performed over the years and located these with positive outcomes.

Generally, a decrease dose at a higher distance (12″+) with a decrease power density appears to be ideally suited for pores and skin and anti aging benefits.

A higher dose at a better vary (6-12″) with a better power density appears to be ideally suited for deeper tissue issues.

What is obvious is that extra exposure to red gentle does not necessarily imply better results.

There appears to be a transparent correlation between a large dose of light therapy and a biphasic dose response. [2]

How long should I use my crimson light for?

To work out how long you need to be using your pink mild for, it’s essential to do some primary math.

Take the dose you need to achieve and divide it by the ability density of your gentle (at the gap you’ll be utilizing it) times 0.0001

Time = Dose ÷ (Power density x 0.001)

Let’s say you want a ten J/cm2 dose, and the power density is 25 mW/cm2

10 / (25×0.001) = 400

You’d must deal with your self for 400 seconds to receive the required dose.

What’s power density?

Power density is the power of gentle at designated point.


Is a J/cm² dose always the identical?

No. Different energy of mild can have completely different outcomes. As mentioned earlier, high power intensity at an in depth distance is sweet for treating deeper tissue, whereas lower energy density at an extra occasion is healthier for pores and skin and anti aging purposes

The next calculations give the identical complete dose although could be used for various puposes:

– 10 mW/cm² x a hundred secs = 1 J/cm²

– 200 mW/cm² x 5 secs = 1 J/cm²

Be mindful of what you are attempting to accomplish along with your red light therapy therapy protocol and use the appropriate energy density and distance.

I don’t have a solar energy meter. How can I find out my the power density of my device?

You’ll be able to ask the manufacturer however take what they say with a pinch of salt. Many give inflated or incomplete information to make their units look higher.

Once i transfer the solar energy meter the reading adjustments. Why?

Because the quantity of light hitting the sensor is changing. If you move the device either further away or to the facet of the system, the readings will probably be weaker.

LEDs sometimes have an angled output. This means that the sunshine spreads out as it moves additional away from the LED.

Think of while you turn the tip of a torch and the beam adjustments from a slender focus to a wide beam. The sunshine at the edges of this beam is significantly weaker than the sunshine at the center of the beam.

[1] Huang YY, Sharma SK, Carroll J, Hamblin MR. Biphasic dose response in low stage mild therapy – an update. Dose Response (2011) 9:602-18. 10.2203/dose-response. If you are you looking for more information in regards to led face light (simply click the next website) stop by our own web-page. 11-009.Hamblin

[2] Hamblin, M, et al. (2018). Low-level light therapy: Photobiomodulation.

Get Your Chi On With Infrared

Low Level Laser Therapy FAQ - What can it be used for? | Healthy Life Foot Clinic

The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says, “FIR can be gaining popularity as a safe method of natural health care & physiotherapy. Far infrared thermometric therapy garments use thermal expertise to provide compressive support and healing warmth to assist symptom control for arthritis, injury, & pain.”

In the 12 months 1800, Sir Frederick William Herschel, carried out experiments on what he called the “calorific rays,” later renamed infrared, from the Latin infra, below, and crimson being the coloration of the longest wavelengths of seen gentle. Today, infrared know-how has many exciting and helpful purposes, including infrared grills, infrared cameras, infrared spectroscopy, infrared satellite imagery, infrared astronomy, medical infrared imaging and infrared body wraps simply to call just a few.

The electromagnetic spectrum includes gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, seen, infrared, microwaves, and radio waves. Infrared (which includes close to, mid and far infrared) lies between the visible and microwave parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Anything that has temperature radiates within the infrared.

At normal body temperature, human beings radiate within the infrared. Far Infrared is the ‘Chi’ energy in humans and animals. The Chinese consult with infrared energy as ‘Chi’, the vitality life force of the Universe, present inside each residing factor. Chi (infrared), maintains good well being and wellness, mentally, bodily and emotionally. The intensity of Far Infrared (Chi) produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When the intensity is excessive, people really feel wholesome and enhanced healing. When the Far Infrared (FIR) isn’t sustained, human beings are open to disease and sickness and tend to age extra rapidly.

The therapeutic results of infrared have been studied for more than 30 years. Researchers have found far infrared stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the immune system (by stimulating increased manufacturing of white blood cells), reduces pain, promotes the rebuilding of injured tissue (nice for healing burns, scar tissue and pores and skin problems), eases joint stiffness and inflammation, and aids in strengthening the cardiovascular system. NASA studied the results of infrared within the early 1980’s and concluded that infrared stimulation of cardiovascular operate would be a good way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flights. A one hour of an infrared physique wrap burns over 900 calories by elevating the metabolism and physique temperature.

Far Infrared is also excellent for detoxification. It promotes elimination of fats, chemicals, and toxins from the blood poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals (toxic substances from food processing), lactic acid, excess sodium, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat related to aging and fatigue, ammonia and uric acid, which cause ache. FIR heat additionally helps to break down cellulite, trapped water, fat, and waste.

Infrared physique wrap therapy is totally different from traditional heating pads. Traditional pads work from the surface in. Once you remove a traditional heating pad, the therapeutic worth is quickly misplaced. Far infrared passes through the pores and skin and insulating layer of fat, two to three inches into the physique, warming from the inside of the body, out. If you cherished this short article and you would like to receive more information with regards to red light therapy led [find more] kindly stop by the web-site. Far infrared penetrates faster and provides a sooner response in the body, and its warming advantages go on nicely after the therapy.

An additional advantage of the infrared physique wrap is improved flexibility. Elderly persons specifically can lose elasticity of muscle fibers and connective tissue due to lack of exercise. The infrared physique wrap warms the muscle and connective tissue, the joints, and helps them grow to be more flexible, restoring elasticity.

Kathleen Coe is the proprietor of Let’s Wrap Infrared Body Wrap at 2121 E. Flamingo Suite 218, within the Desert Spring Medical Center, adjoining to Desert Springs Hospital. The telephone # is 702-513-8411. Please go to for more information.

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Eyesight Healed With Red Light Therapy – How It Really Works

iStock Image

Subscribe to get Leanne’s Free Healing Colors Screensavers & her tips for utilizing Use Color, Light Therapy, Art & Flow State to Heal your Body & Brain, Reverse Aging & Boost your Creativity & Productivity.

A Woman in New Zealand Heals her Eyesight

by Gazing at one among Leanne Venier’s Red Screensaver Paintings

One lady in New Zealand has been healing her eyesight by staring at Leanne Venier’s Red “Into the Depths” Screensaver painting.

(To get your personal Free Healing Colors Art Therapy Screensavers, Click Here)

Mary had initially contacted Leanne to inform her how much she cherished taking a look at Leanne’s artwork on her laptop screen.

She sadly shared with Leanne that her eyesight had been deteriorating rapidly

with a disease known as retinitis pigmentosa. The truth is, it had deteriorated to the purpose the place she might only see a small circle of imaginative and prescient in a single eye and nearly nothing in the other.

But for some motive, whenever Mary would have a look at Leanne’s artwork on her computer

she may see Leanne’s painting images very clearly WITH Both EYES. Then, as quickly as she would look away from the display screen, her imaginative and prescient would return to its diminished state.

Leanne advised Mary if she preferred the small variations of her online paintings, then she would possibly love her full-display, Free High Resolution Healing Colors Screensavers that she gives away to anyone who want to optimize their temper and psychological function. Should you have any questions relating to exactly where and how you can employ red light therapy led diy, you are able to e-mail us at our web-page. She prompt Mary obtain her favorites for the reason that artwork clearly made her really feel so much better.

The following day, Mary excitedly reported …

… she had checked out Leanne’s Screensavers and AS Soon AS she saw the Red painting at the top of the page, “Into the Depths”, she may immediately feel the blood pumping by her body. Mary also mentioned her eyes felt full of power and she could abruptly see each element in the painting with both eyes! Her entire physique felt energized and her imaginative and prescient was clearer than ever while staring at “Into the Depths”!

“Into the Depths” by Leanne Venier, Oil on Canvas

Leanne began fascinated about what might be happening to boost Mary’s vision

As an acupuncturist and Zen Shiatsu practitioner who had spent years specializing in the Healing & Psychological Effects of Colors on the power meridians and organs in the physique … Leanne knew that Red is a very good colour for stimulating liver perform (which controls the eyes in Chinese medication). Red is also superb for moving blood in the body. Multiple analysis research have proven that merely staring on the color red hastens coronary heart charge, increases blood movement and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.

Because the world’s main Light Therapy Expert

Leanne additionally knew that whenever you shine Red Light onto the body, it elicits profound healing effects within the cells (validated by 1000’s of medical research studies).

And whenever you shine purple light into the eyes, red light therapy infrared many analysis studies, case studies and testimonials have proven that certain wavelengths of red light therapy and red light therapy lamp close to infrared therapy can heal the eyes of problems like macular degeneration, shiny light sensitivity and different vision issues.

So Leanne recommended a little experiment if Mary wanted to offer it a attempt.

Mary was recreation! Leanne prompt she gaze at the full-size Red Screensaver of “Into the Depths” for 5 minutes twice a day over the following several days to see what might happen. Leanne thought that the light coming from Mary’s pc display through the pink painting could be making a low-stage Red Light Therapy healing effect and if Mary stared at it every day, it might have a fair stronger effect.

In less than 2 weeks, Leanne heard from Mary again.

This time Mary was ecstatic!

She stated she’d been doing the pink screensaver colour gazing workouts as Leanne had really helpful. She excitedly reported that her vision had already improved dramatically.

Now, not only did Mary not need her white cane to get round (ie. the kind of white cane that visually impaired or blind individuals use), however she may even see properly enough to go to the shopping mall with her husband and venture off on her personal with out getting lost! Mary was now able to make out photographs round her clearly sufficient to know exactly what they were and was now not liable to bumping into issues.

Mary all of the sudden had her independence back! And she was overjoyed!