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Kevin-Commerce will become a red-skin offensive coordinator

The US time is announced on Tuesday afternoon, the red skin officially announced that Kevin O & RSquo; Connell will be promoted as an offensive coordinator. At the past two seasons, Matt Cavanaugh, will become a senior offense assistant.

This is the first time that Commerce is the first attendance coordinator. In the past two years, he has served as a pass coordinator and quarter-breaking coach in Hongli. Before this, he also held a four-point guard in Brown and served as an offensive teaching in 49 people.

Oukonair is a five-round show in 2008, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale and it will move the coach career after five seasons.

The red skin offensive group has been the least injuries in the past two years. Last season, quadrant Alex-Smith (Alex Smith) and Colt McCoy reimbursed for wholesale nfl jerseys for sale leg injury season. Before the season started, the new show, who was expecting, was torn, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping and the knee crossed ligament was torn. Smith 2019 probabilies cannot return, and Euro Meler also needs to worry about the first quarter-saving problem.

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Dolphin trading gains Rambus corner Talibabi

The ram made some salary space.

US time on Tuesday, cheap jerseys according to ESPN reporters, the ram will put the old gratis to Agab Talib (AQIB Talib) and a five-round trading to the dolphins, exchange the other party’s draft sign. Dolphins and ram officials then confirmed this news.

Taliba currently has been added to the injury reserves due to rib injury, and the contract will expire during this season. He earliest can be activated on the 16th week. At present, Talib is likely to come as a dolphin player at all, wholesale nfl jerseys and cheap jerseys from china the dolphins is just for five-wheel signs, paying him $ 4.2 million salary.

Since the prior cheap jerseys for sale to the professional bowl, the ram has been attempted to take a space. Now they are willing to pay back, the hope of Jalen Ramsey can be bigger.

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Wild horses take over Sunders: Manning’s arm strength is not a problem

PEYTON Manning has turned from the most valuable player in the past two seasons.

After the last 56th, November 2010, the first five-year-old starter had a pass, and Mantin did not get the ball to reach in 9 in the past 18 games.

Although Manning’s weak arm strength is considered to be his disappointing culprit, Emmanuel Sanders adheres to the main problem lies in the footprints encountered in Manning in the June training camp. Membrane.

“It’s not the problem of his arm. It’s just that his feet were hurt,” Sanders stressed on Thursday. “cheap jerseys for sale me, Pedton’s arm has been very good. He never had a real arm. He has always been that the ball has passed to your eyes when you have not joined your opponent.” On, Sanders believes that Manning is better than his health before the super bowl comes more than his entire season.

Sanders is not the first to think that the biggest problem in Manning this season is a player who moves without an arm. This is the problem we have pointed out since September last year: Manning cannot move in the four-dimensional protection net and stable steps to have a negative impact on his pass.

Interesting is the view of the Carolina panther to Manning. Different from Sanders. When there is a wholesale nfl jerseys official website, wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the black panther agreed that Manning was in the healthiest time, but the different places lied to Manning. It is not possible to pass like a few years. In fact, they think he is now like this to pass on the beginning of this season, and his arm is still one of the biggest mysters in the league at the beginning of the season.

We will see that Manning, who is in the United States Championship, and the state of the recovery of the team, the singer, the same manning, which is limited to the three quarters after the same game, can not be promoted? We have to wait until the superb bowl begins to answer this question.

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Nfl or a fine of players who do not comply with new crown

If the 2020NFL season can be expanded as scheduled, the players and coaches will need to comply with a series of new crown related limits, no matter the opening.

These limitations include wearing a particular mask, the player may also be fined by increasing the risk of viral dissemination due to improper behavior.

US time on Thursday, the players will hold two hours of remote conferences, including the player representatives and the Director of the Players, Som Mayer Physician. The conference content is concentrated on the regulatory training camp wholesale jerseys for sale the epidemic. The chance to host the season is also subject to test results, tracking the impact of close contact items.

ESPN reports that if the player makes “reckless” behavior outside the team facility, such as using a windmill service or dining in a dull location, it may be fined. The conference also provided a recently developed special mask detail, cheap jerseys online which may be worn in the training, competition, and wholesale nfl jerseys from china wear when moving around the team facilities. But the players do not support this cover, which is a variety of reasons, including the influence of vision and breathing.

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Americas Tiger Wan Ramsee requires trading

On September 17th, wholesale jerseys for sale Jalen Ramsey said, it will become a news.

This time is no exception. According to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, this professional bowl level angle has submitted to the team to be traded. In Sunday, Ramsse and head coach Doug-Malone have burst into mouth angles on the side line.

After the Malonese game, he said that the recalls can’t afford specific reasons. According to the reporter, Ramse is dissatisfied with the role he arranged in the defensive group. The performance of Ramsee appeared at the time before the pair of attention was taken before. But defensive coordinates Todd Wash used regional tar a defense system in two competitions this season.

Ramse’s rookie contract will end in the 2020 season, once the interest of playing Titan or cheap nfl jerseys free shipping raids, because these two places do not have to pay income taxes. Texas people take over Deandrere Hopkins also said that he is a thumbs up to this enemy, saying that he is “the favorite opposition”.

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Running back Xiaoen – Lynch topped the sales chart first May jersey

Beijing June 12 hearing when running back Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) might come back and join the Oakland wholesale jerseys Raiders news, it is clear that his No. 24 jersey Raiders could quickly become a best-selling NFL jerseys. And indeed true.

In May, Lynch jersey sales ranked first.

After Lynch, New England Patriots quarterback – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) jersey sales ranked second. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Nasdaq – Prescott (Dak Prescott) and running back Eze Kiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott) were ranked third and fourth.

Houston Texans rookie quarterback DeShawn – Watson (Deshaun Watson) ranked fifth, he is also the highest ranked all rookies in & mdash; & mdash; this could signal the Texans fans, if the current episode – Tom Savage (Tom Savage) poor performance in the new season of the degree of patience.

Raiders quarterback Drake – Carl (Derek Carr) ranked sixth, outside the New York Giants took over the small Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) ranked seventh. In addition, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson – Wentz (Carson Wentz) ranked eighth, outside Atlanta Falcons took over Julio – Jones (Julio Jones) ranked ninth, nfl jerseys the New England cheap jerseys for sale Patriots tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) ranked tenth.

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Texas people four points Swansen will pass the winning achievements in the case of being invisible.

Deshaun Watson can even perform magical performance without having to clearly see clearly.

The Houston Texas people four-point guard in the team 27-24 defeated the fourth end of the Auckland raid, was kicked in the eye, cheap jerseys nfl which caused him to completely see the eyes. But he quickly adjusted the helmet and cheap jerseys free shipping perfectly passed the ball to the near-end Darren Fels (Darren Fells) helping the team leaded.

“I have to re-adjust my helmet, then this is actually closed, so I am almost the ball that is invisible,” Watson said. “But I roughly expect him to run, then make adjustments, guide the ball with my arm. I saw this attack until the game. I lie there, I heard the audience crazy celebration, I know we score NS.”

Watson then let the team staff check the eyes on the field, but there is no attack after the team. He later appeared in the last wave of attack and helping the team to get 3 first attacks. Watson has successfully achieved 28 yards and 1 time after the eyes were played in the eyes.

This magical attack is the epitome of Watson’s excellent performance. He completed three times in the Red District to help Texas continued to maintain the competition of the name of the United States.

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Former “Thunder Gifts” reborn in Dallas

Rolando McClain, who was declared, was announced in the denim, and he made a good performance in the first two weeks before this season, especially in the second week, in the second week, wholesale nfl jerseys from china it was a big color, and became the team wins. The important hero.

McLean is the middle line of the University of Alabama. The scenery of the scenery is unlimited when the university is known as the “Raytarian Square”. In 2010, the raid is selected by the first round of the first round. However, the influence of injury and mentality, the performance of the stadium has been quite sluggish, anti-run and its prosthetic coverage cannot let the team satisfied, the field is more repeated, once 4 times were arrested by the police . Last year, McLean leaving the raid to the crow, but there was no sign of decommissioning after signing the contract, the reason is “unintentional”

Due to the loss of the prize Sean Lee, Cowbi was exchanged with a last round of draft, the denim was originally a live horse doctor, but McLene became a ball. The defensive leader of the team. Two games came down, he became the king in the team, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and contributed a murder, destroying the pass and a wonderful high-difficult copy.

The team boss Jerry Jones said in an interview with Dallas in the evening news: “If a player is Alabama, playing in the Southeast League (SEC), also take the year’s best defensive player, finally High-time is selected by the wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping team, then people will be very high for his expectations. McLean is working hard to integrate into the team. He also has excellent completion of the task on the court, but also a very active and teammate. But He does not want people to see the world or superman to see & mdash; I may express the less accurate, he must hope that he can reach the “superman” level, but he hopes that the outside world can reduce his expectations and standards. “

Jones also believed that McLean had already released its potential after 18 months of leaving the game.