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Bill quartz Wei Tayele is shaken by brain and plays new show Pitman or the first hair

Buffalo’s starting quarterfire is now an unknown.

Tyrod Taylor’s head was injured in the head of the Baltima Crow on August 26, still in the brain shock inspection process. The third quarter-point guard TJ-Yez (T. J. Yates) also also in the brain shock inspection process.

If Taylor cheap nfl jerseys for sale is still unable to appear, this year’s selection of the fifth round of the new show, Nathan Peterman, cheap nfl jerseys for sale will start the game against the New York jet. Pittman’s success rate of 54% in the preseason in the preseason, and the quarterfielding points reached 75.6.

“He is ready,” said the chief Schan McDermott. “When you see his performance in the entire preseason, we are confident, we are very confident to Neshan. I expect him to continue better.”

In addition, wholesale jerseys from china Bill also signed 30-year-old four-point guard Joe-Webb. Weber was cut off on Saturday by Carolina. The chief SEAN MCDERMOTT has served as the Black Panther defensive coordinator, and Brandon Beane, Brandon Beane, was once familiar with Weberman.

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