Rapid Prototyping Service Provider

ProtoCAM is a leading supplier of rapid prototyping services utilizing a variety of applied sciences and supplies. As a full-service rapid prototyping company, ProtoCAM also offers design, development, and engineering companies to assist our prospects in guiding their prototype from Concept, to CAD mannequin, to Prototype, to Product.

ProtoCAM’s rapid prototyping capabilities and deep technical knowledge provide the competitive edge customers need when undergoing the product growth course of, so as to help in validating merchandise and expediting them to market. ProtoCAM’s rapid prototyping strategy uses the latest technologies and most advanced supplies to achieve our customers’ prototyping goals. We specialize in fast turnaround, but also present the rapid prototyping engineering expertise to save lots of our customers money and time.

Rapid Prototyping Technologies

With experience in a big selection of rapid prototyping technologies, ProtoCAM is nicely-outfitted to handle any prototyping project. At ProtoCAM, we’ve got the expertise essential to information our customers in direction of utilizing the ideal equipment and material for their distinctive project. Our in-depth knowledge of our in-home applied sciences allows our engineers to suggest which course of will work greatest for your specialised wants. ProtoCAM’s prototyping applied sciences embody:

Stereolithography (SLA)

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

PolyJet 3D Printing

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Metal Castings and rapid prototype Prototyping

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Urethane Casting

Along with the types of out there rapid prototyping applied sciences, materials and gear, ProtoCAM has a wide variety of end ranges accessible to realize the appear and feel that is required for every prototype. Finish options fluctuate by course of. Process and end stage requirements needs to be thought-about in the decision-making process.

Materials Used in Rapid Prototyping

A wide variety of supplies are utilized by ProtoCAM to manufacture prototypes and are determined by the technology used and the desired utility of the part. Contact ProtoCAM for help with the rapid prototyping design process and selection of materials for particular prototypes.

Rapid Prototypes from ProtoCAM – Key Benefits

– Reduced design time and value

– Reduced testing time and value

– Fast part turn-around

– Better visualization of products with a bodily, solid, tactile item in addition to drawings and laptop models

– Testing can be primarily based on form, rapid prototyping fit, and perform

– Quick iterative testing

– Wide number of obtainable prototype supplies

– Confidentiality of product improvement is assured

Rapid Prototyping vs Subtractive Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping is often known as an additive fabrication expertise as a result of the method includes building up the thing by including successive layers. This course of involves providing 3D CAD info to the rapid prototyping machine, which uses that data to incrementally create the object. That is completely different than traditional subtractive strategies resembling milling, turning, EDM, and so on. Subtractive strategies begin with raw material that’s larger than the thing to be created and material is removed or carved out to create the end product.

Contact ProtoCAM for Rapid Prototyping Services

ProtoCAM is a leading rapid prototyping service supplier. Please contact us for more information on our rapid prototyping services or to request a quote.

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