New laws crack down on Vic casino, punters

Visitors to Crown Melbourne will be forced to set gambling limits when they play the pokies and stick to a casino-wide maximum cash spending limit of $1000 within 24 hours under new laws.

The package of reforms, which covers 12 recommendations from the royal commission, has been described by the Andrews government as a “world first” and the strongest measures for online casino any Australian casino.

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Introduced to parliament on Tuesday, the laws will include the forced fixture of a maximum gambling limit on pokies for all Australian residents.

The use of cash will also be limited to $1000 per 24 hours to address major money-laundering risks and patrons will have to use online casino-issued cards and show ID to gamble or receive winnings of more than $1000.

“This legislation is the next step in our nation-leading reforms to ensure the disgraceful conduct uncovered by the royal commission will never happen again in Melbourne,” Gaming Minister Melissa Horne said.

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