Choosing The Right Vagina Piercing

Both for pleasure and as body art, vagina piercing has been growing in popularity. A vagina piercing is very attractive and pleasing to the eyes if done properly. There are many options for vagina piercings. Each has its own benefits and risks. Before making a decision, it is important to do your research.

Most people get a vaginapiercing for a variety of reasons. They are different depending on the type of jewelry and individual. Some receive them simply for personal aesthetic reasons, and others for merely feeling sexier and more self-confident. A receiving band is another popular option. This involves inserting a metal piece through the skin into the vagina. The receiving tube works in a similar way, but it is pierced around your rib cage instead of through the vagina.

Regardless of the style of Erotic piercing that is chosen, piercings in the genital area are very common. In fact, you might have a piece for your finger, as well as your nose, chin, navel, or eyebrow. While some people receive these body piercings as cute and sexy statements of individuality, others use them to increase the physical sensation of sex.

Men who perform vagina piercings are called vapers. Women who receive these piercings for the sexual benefits are called cagers. These two groups share similar practices regarding their piercings, but there are also slight differences. For example, a vaper’s jewelry might be more colorful and fancier than a cager’s jewelry. While a cager’s jewelry may be made from the same or similar metals, the designs are not as unique because the vapers might have already been made.

Although vagina piercing has become more popular among women than it is among men, it remains a niche market. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources available for all types of piercing art. There is even a growing number of online stores that offer unique styles and designs for all different types of piercings. Many women choose to purchase a vagina piercing from the internet, because the images and information are less biased. This is especially important when purchasing an exotic or expensive piercing such as a tongue piercing.

Labret piercings are common options for female genital piercings. These include belly button rings and nipple rings as well as labret earrings. Hood ornaments, name plaques and toe rings are also popular. Some of these choices are becoming even more popular, with more creative designs coming from the artist or based on stories from real life piercings. A labret stud, for example, is shaped like an open heart and has the stone protruding out. A belly button ring can be engraved with a name or a beautiful image. Lip piercing is also increasing in popularity, because it can be done in public. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many styles and colors of lip-piercing today.

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