Nip + Fab is an affordable skincare brand, best known for its glycolic acid-drenched exfoliating pads that shoppers swear by for glowing, spotless skin

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Credo Beauty/Marie Veronique

This serum’s star ingredient is vitamin C, but it also contains vitamin E and ferulic acid, an antioxidant. The serum is a best seller on clean beauty retailer, thread lift london Credo Beauty, and one reviewer raved, “my acne-prone, sensitive, scarred skin has never been clearer or fresher-looking.” 

Shockingly, despite turmeric being a common ingredient both in skincare and in cooking, 58 per cent of Brits say ‘tew-mur-ik’, rather than its correct pronunciation of ‘tuh-muh-ruhk’ with a soft ‘r’ sound that is similar to an ‘uh’.

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Not only that, but it’s even helped reduce some of my acne scars. Sephora/Olehenriksen

A best seller on Sephora (4 stars out of 5, 5,000-plus reviews) The Ole Henrikson Truth Serum contains a vitamin C complex, collagen, orange and green tea extracts, and aloe. It seriously has been a game-changer in my daily routine – it smells great, isn’t sticky, and the results are legit.”  One Sephora reviewer said “I’ve gotten multiple compliments on how clear and glowy my skin looks!

Phloretin is an antioxidant that comes from apples and fruit tree bark that can also help with cell turnover, according to the brand. Skinceuticals

Campbell recommends the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF for oilier skin types.

“Minimize the amount of time the product is exposed to air by applying it quickly to your hands and screwing the top back on the bottle securely. Besides using the product as quickly as you can, Love also suggests opting for a serum that comes in a container that blocks out light. Some products now come in containers that don’t require opening the top, so this is also helpful,” says Love.

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From wrinkle-reducing serums to exfoliating foot peels, there are several products on Amazon that claim to cure your skin woes. And for acne-sufferers, there’s one skincare product that reviewers say actually works as advertised – and they’ve shared before and after photos to prove it.

It’s reported that half of acne sufferers will likely experience a flare-up on their back, but with hard-working ingredients and continued use, the can help clear problem areas and prevent future breakouts.

Topical vitamin C is found in a wide variety of skincare products and Skincare many skincare experts recommend it for better skin. While you may already take it as a supplement, Vitamin C can also be beneficial as part of a skincare routine. When you’re sick or even stressed, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help you feel better.


Campbell says that this Skinceuticals serum works for most skin types, firming eye cream although it’s indicated for combination or dry skin. “[Skinceuticals] are the original inventors of topical antioxidants — aka vitamin C — for anti-aging. They have done all the clinical trials showing it helps calm inflammation, reduce signs of aging and even repairs DNA damage that can lead to skin cancers,” says Campbell. 

It’s formulated with salicylic acid (beta-hydroxy acid aka BHA), an active ingredient and an incredible chemical exfoliator that penetrates deep down into enlarged pores to eliminate spots and remove dead skin build-up.

This powerful ingredient helps nourish dry skin and balance oily areas. Two thirds of those asked thought jojoba oil is pronounced ‘jo-jo-bah’ but the ‘j’ is actually pronounced as an ‘h’, like in Spanish.

However, new research by Scandinavian health and beauty brand New Nordic shows that we struggle to pronounce several health terms properly after they surveyed people on the names of many health products and ingredients.