Andis Professional Hair Clippers Review

Mathew Andis Sr. established Andis in 1921. The Andis clipper was then established. It remains one of the most well-respected clippers manufacturers around the world, more than 90 years later.

Andis clippers are available in the United States and eight other countries around the globe. Their company produces the top grooming tools available. Because of its versatility, the Andis hair clippers are considered as the “jack-of-all trades” tool for professional stylists. With durable, high-quality components and blades that are high-precision, these clippers are able to remove any hair texture from your body, head or ears. They’re quiet and light and yet they are powerful motors. Andis also produces clippers designed for animal grooming.

Here are some of my favorite models:

* Andis EasyCut 8 Piece Hair Cutting Kit:This complete home haircutting kit is lightweight, strong, quiet, and is suggested for coarse to fine. This clipper kit is suitable for everyone in the family and features a simple lever for blade control, a powerful magnet motor and a strong plastic case.

* Andis Improved Masters Hair Clipper It is able to be used with any size hand. Durable and built to last, recommended for fine and coarse hair texture. With a smooth motor, this clipper is made to be precise to run cool and comes with a contoured housing design and a handy hand-operated side switch for one-handed on/off operation. This clipper is perfect for 脫毛 all-around cutting trimming, trimming, and tapering.

* Andis Improved Master hair clipper with blade light, powerful, and quiet. It is recommended for fine to medium hair. It comes with a convenient lever that can adjust the blade control and can cut hair from #00000 (1/125″) up to #000 (1/100″)

* Andis Professional Phat Masters Clipper: The Andis Professional Phat Masters Clipper is perfect for all-round barbering, styling and much more. Additionally, the Phat Master is the perfect match to the Andis Master and Fade Master clippers. Both the Master and Fade Masters are great for cutting short hair and fading. The Phat Master is able to cut longer hair using a blade. The powerful magnetic motor can produce 14,000 cuts in a minute. The non-slip design offers better grip and a textured look.

* Andis Ultra 14-piece Adjustable Blade Hairclipper: Perfect for all hair types. The adjustable blade permits cutting of all lengths and textures. Complete hair cutting kit. Also available is a strong-duty protective case (#18795).

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