Compulsory module subjets

In this section, you will find supporting material for the common subjects that are:

  • Scientific foundations for environmental change
  • Interaction between environmental change and human activity
  • Interaction between environmental change and the natural environment
  • GIS and environmental (impact) assessment
  • Introduction to multivariable analysis (I)

These resources are one more piece, which should help students to acquire the specific competences of the master’s degree.

  • Analyse and interpret the processes of change and environmental conflicts applying the concept of complexity.
  • Analyse and interpret the mechanisms of response and management of environmental processes and changes in manner with well thought out arguments according to the conceptual frameworks of various disciplines.
  • Build scenarios and plan environmental policies aimed at the recovery and protection of the territory and / or water and / or air.
  • Plan the use of instruments and techniques of green economy, circular and collaborative in the promotion of new strategies
  • Organize hierarchically, based on the concept of scale, the factors that affect the case studies from local to international level.
  • Use Geographic Information Systems and statistical methods