Compulsory Module: Workshop 1-2 Compulsory Module: Master’s final thesis / project (FR)


From the approach to a real environmental problem and to the formulation of a series of issues that interrelate social issues, the natural environment and environmental vectors, the students should delve deeper into the processes and impacts contributing to the complexity of the environmental change studied. It is important that the module is carried out far from classrooms.


  • Work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Obtain and select sources and information using ICT
  • Communicate information orally and in writing with well thought out arguments to and non-specialised audiences.
  • Analyze new and complex situations and design various possible solutions from criticism and creativity.
  • The activity itself and the proposals themselves, identifying their ethical implications and social responsibility.
  • Plan autonomously the work sequences themselves, carry them out and evaluate them
  • Build scenarios and plan environmental policies aimed at the recovery and protection of the territory and / or water and / or air.