Compulsory module of the master’s: Interaction between environmental change and human activity (FR)


The subject begins with the foundations of a sustainability strategy and of sustainable development goals (SDG). Next, and as the central axis of the module, we will analyse the current situation, the impacts, the short-term adaptations and the reorientation of strategies and policies by different economic sectors: agriculture, industry and tourism. In a third phase, we will repeat these analyses throughout cities, territories and landscapes.


  • Work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Communicate information orally and in writing with well thought out arguments to specialised and non-specialized audiences.
  • Analyze new and complex situations and design various possible solutions, from criticism and creativity.
  • Analyze and interpret the processes of change and environmental conflicts applying the concept of complexity.
  • Analyze and interpret the mechanisms of response and management of environmental processes and changes in manner with well thought out arguments according to the conceptual frameworks of various disciplines.
  • Plan the use of instruments and techniques of green economy, circular and collaborative in the promotion of new strategies.
  • Organize hierarchically, based on the concept of scale, the factors that affect the case studies from local to international level.